Guide for EU commercial customers

Are you commercially active and your company headquarters is outside of Germany? Then you have the opportunity to make your purchases as a business customer at WUMGermany exempt from sales tax! This applies in particular to our commercial customers from Austria, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. You have two options for this:

Customer account (recommended)

Create a customer account and store your valid VAT ID there. For all subsequent orders that you process via your customer account, the applicable tax exemptions will be automatically taken into account at checkout.

Your customer account is created with just a few clicks and also offers you an overview of your previous orders. We recommend that you use a customer account!
Click here to create your customer account .

WUM Germany Enter VAT ID in the customer account

Order without a customer account

Alternatively, you can complete a commercial purchase without a customer account. To do this, enter your valid VAT ID and your email address in the shopping cart before completing your purchase at checkout. The applicable tax exemption will then be applied to your order at checkout.

WUM Germany VAT ID entry in the shopping cart


What happens if I complete an order without providing my valid VAT ID?
Without providing your VAT ID, you complete the purchase as an end consumer (non-commercial). Country-specific sales tax will then be charged at checkout.

Where do I get a VAT ID (VAT ID)?
You can usually get a VAT ID upon application to the responsible tax authority. Please contact the responsible tax office or your tax advisor.

Do you have any further questions? Then please contact us using the contact form .